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Our Curriculum:

A 5 week curriculum takes you through the bible as it pertains to the allegory. Eve was the first victim that was deceived by the Phantom, the angel of Music, that fallen angel that masquerades as an angel of light. Learn how he shows up in many parts of the bible and uses MEN to enslave and decieve the people of God. Study about how God set apart his people to be holy and how he rescued them out of slavery and told them to follow after His voice and not to follow after the other gods when the land he promised them. Learn what God's voice sounds like and how to avoid being taken in by the schemes of the enemy. This is a great study for women who have been in church for a long time that still do not have a clear picture of the Bible as a complete story. It also is an excellent way to introduce new believers to this wonderful history of perfect creation, the fall of man, and redemption.
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